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Welcome To A&G Training

The training facility is inside a business center located at 615 E 6th st charlotte nc 28202. The area offers free parking and the facility never has more than 10 people present at one time. Showers are available, and are cleaned nightly. The training studio has been described by clients as a fun and motivating atmosphere.

Trainer  - James Adams

James Adams owner of A&G Training is a Charlotte area native who has committed his life to helping others attain physical fitness through safe and effective resistance training, cardiovascular training, and nutrition guidance. He practices what he preaches and lives a fit lifestyle as well. He's is an IFBB Classic Physique professional and champion bench press competitor that holds several state and national records. James is also a nationally published fitness model. He has over 13 years of personal training experience and has worked with a wide variety of individuals that include lifestyle clients, bodybuilding and fitness competitors, and also professional and amateur athletes from all sports. James would be more than happy to assist you with your fitness goals!

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Trainer  - Demetre Nelson

Demetre Nelson, A fitness architect with 7 years of experience helping people become CONFIDENT, COMPETENT, and STRONG! I’m an advocate for health, wellness, self-discipline, and happiness. Four areas that I believe should be active in the lives of us all! Specializing in fat loss, muscle building, strength and conditioning, as well as flexibility and mobility training, I have the tools to help you reach you all of your fitness goals. Allow me to assist you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle

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